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Plug & Play For: 1965-1994 911’s and 912’s

cropped-hiro-3-hi-res.jpegMy wife and I had the opportunity to drive home last night with the newly installed headlights.  All I can say is WOW.  I think the biggest hurdle you face in selling more of these is that people really need to see them in action to believe what a difference they make.  As someone who drives my car in rain or shine, I truly feel much safer now than I ever have. They’re a must-do upgrade as far as I’m concerned.  ~ Michael DiLeo, LED Buyer

It’s true – the improvement of LEDs over most everything else is beyond what you imagine until you experience it first-hand. As a longtime Porsche owner and enthusiast and fanatic (I’ve owned over 30 so far) I usually prefer originality, but there are times when practicality is more important. Such as driving a Porsche at high speed at night. There is simply no comparison between the best halogen headlights and LED headlights. Once you have driven with LEDs they feel like they’re as important a safety feature as seat belts. Here’s what the owner of a ’72 911S had to say after driving with LEDs:

I can’t believe the difference between halogens and LEDs. On low beam the LEDs seem brighter than my old systems on bright. My old systems on low beam is about equal to driving with the new systems and wearing sunglasses. I’ve had them 3 months and I haven’t had one on-coming car flash their brights at me. Night time driving is now a whole new world to enjoy those few hours I have time to take the car out. It’s funny: As I pass road side signs, they reflect back so clearly I almost need to wear sunglasses.
So my experience says if you have an older car and interested in seeing MUCH better at night, these lights are the solution. Maybe 5 min installation. They are slightly heavier but only maybe a couple of pounds. And “it is not a race car” anyway. They were an investment…with big payoffs.

I got started with LED headlights by building a set recently built a set for a friend who lives in Alaska – where it’s dark dark and there are lots of critters – and it worked out well. That motivated me to research the various options available for LED lighting in Porsches. I ended up testing three brands: TruckLite 27270C; JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2; and Nolden Pilot VP-3106B. They all reviewed and tested well and I settled on offering the outstanding JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 LEDs:

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